Three-dimensional view of the "Battle of Berlin"
Sunday, 29 March 2015 04:06

Three-dimensional view of the \

Three-dimensional view of the "Battle of Berlin"

A unique interactive exhibition which will take the visitor back in time to the walls of the Reichstag can be seen in this new three-dimentional format.  

The main objective of the exhibition is to provide an opportunity to see the way the heroic Soviet soldiers reached Berlin. Here, you can not only see the historical materials, but also touch all authentic wartime originals - uniforms, weapons, equipment and household items of a Soviet soldier.

Visitors can stroll through the streets of Berlin, where the unfolding fighting is happening, see the destroyed houses, the German and Soviet soldiers, as well as approach the steps of the Reichstag building, part of the facade of which has been made in full size and with the features that it has received during the assault.

The exhibition space  is divided into several blocks. Guests can see the several stages of the Battle of Berlin. For example, through a crack in the wall, you can go inside a building and look around at the interior of the apartment of a German artist of those times. Also, here you can see the point of taking the Reichstag and together with Soviet soldiers carry the banner of the Great Victory.

A special place in the exhibition is devoted to the scouts under the command of Semyon Sorokin, who were among the first to hoist on the Reichstag the homemade Red Banner.

WhereExhibition Complex "LenExpo", Bolshoy pr. of Vasilievsky island, bld. 103, pavilion number 5

WhenMarch 11 - May 25  from 10.00 to 20.00

Price: 150 rubles - adult ticket, 100 rubles- students


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