Reasons to Visit St. Petersburg
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Reasons to Visit St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia and in Eastern Europe. The former capital of Russia, St. Petersburg has a long and rich history and is shown everywhere in the city. The "Venice of the north", is steadily becoming more and more of a popular tourist destination and St. Petersburg has been in the recent years, doing more and more to ensure that visitors of St. Petersburg will have a better stay and time in the northern capital of Russia. If you or someone you know is undecided, we are here to help persuade you that St. Petersburg is one of the places you MUST visit at least once in your life! Enjoy! 

The history of St. Petersburg can be found all around the city. On the streets, buildings, parks, monuments, etc… St. Petersburg has hundreds of years of history and is a must see place to those who love history. When walking through the city, you can experience and feel the history come alive as you find yourself in tons of museums, and other famous places in which wars, revolutions, and other historical events occurred in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg has recently been nominated in a contest for the new wonders of the world, and has a chance to become one of the new great wonders of the world!  Helping St. Petersburg to become one of seven "new wonders of the world " can be done by anyone, you just vote for the city on the site of the project "New7Wonders".

St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city, and downtown St. Petersburg is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Russia. Often called the "Venice of the north," St. Petersburg has tons of canals like that of Venice, tons of amazing churches, cathedrals, buildings of different architecture from different periods of great Russian history, and places such as Peterhof and Pushkin that surround the city. Also the great events of "White Nights", and "Scarlet Sails" in the summer provide visitors of the city to walk around the city at night and it is still daylight outside. Scarlet Sails is a great celebration with the whole of St. Petersburg celebrating the start of summer and a great firework and other shows are put on to mark the great celebration. 

The transformation of St. Petersburg from Soviet to modern times has been amazing and can be seen all around the city. The city shows the past, present, and future all in one moment. Walking down Nevsky Prospect is the perfect way to see all the different moments, experience the feel and atmosphere in which makes St. Petersburg different. Take a tour around the city by a boat to see the true beauty of St. Petersburg for another angle, just like that in Venice. 

Russians are great at making amazing food and having a good time. So it is another great reason to visit St. Petersburg is to experience the unique taste of Russian food and to join a great party in the clubs or bars of St. Petersburg. Russians are known for a making a great party all night long, and it will be a party you will never forget. The party scene in St. Petersburg is perhaps the best in Russia.


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